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Palo Santo- Sustainably + Ethically Harvested

Palo Santo means 'holy wood' in Spanish. This sacred wood comes from the Palo Santo trees of South America. Its calming and relaxing aroma is incredible, standing among the greatest of the world's fragrant woods. Because of the extraordinary blessings it bestows upon those who have the good fortune to use it, this wood has touched the hearts and minds of countless people.

Give your friends and family (or yourself) the gift of peace and high vibrations. Sustainably Harvested and Ethically sourced. Each sale of this Palo Santo protects the land in Equcador and plants Palo Santo trees ensuring an abundance of Palo Santo for future generations. Instructions printed on back. This is a plastic free product! 

About Crystal Rising: As a Native New Mexican she is connected to the earth's energy and it runs deep through her and her designs. She bridges the gap between energy and design in high vibrational crystal sets, gifts and accessories. Each piece is designed, handlettered and curated by Kathleen in her bright studio in Sacramento, California.

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